Vineyard & Winery Insurance

Our North American Cargo team assists wineries, wine brokers, importers and exporters and has developed highly specialized products and insurance placements that help manage your insurance that is molded to your business and changing needs.

As specialist brokers that place over USD 2.9bn into the market JLT have the leverage to secure the best deals and products for our clients. Using our knowledge of the industry, the perils and risks associated, we design highly flexible  policies combined with a depth of claims advocacy and experience that are critical when the need arises.

We have dealt with many wine claims that vary from transit losses to inventory and our experience also reaches beyond wine and into all kinds of spirits. We have vast experience in this field and an understanding of our clients’ needs when it comes to valuation of products that are, for example, in an ageing process. Our claims personnel are always involved in the technical development of a policy during the quote stage to ensure it meets the client’s expectations in the event of a claim occurring.


Our wine stock throughput policy provides coverage for wine inventory exposures, including capacity for catastrophe perils, together with domestic and marine transportation. The aim of this policy is to shift coverage from the insured’s property policy into a marine cargo stock throughput policy. This product is specifically designed for vineyard owners, manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

What is covered?

Our Wine Stock Throughput Policy (PDF) provides cover for your import cargo (corks/labels/packaging/bottles/casks), inventory (wine in bottle/case and bulk wine), including raw stock/materials, work in progress, and finished product, as well as outward distribution to anywhere in the world.

Wine Policy Benefits

This coverage can often lead to significant cost savings where the marine market combine transit and stock which can be more competitive than separate traditional cargo and property placements. We can arrange bespoke cover and wordings tailored to each individual business, which may not be covered under traditional property program, such as:

  • Contamination (the introduction into wines of substances, microorganisms, chemicals, toxic substances, wastes or waste water in a concentration that makes the wine unfit for sale as intended), infestation and change in temperature is also covered
  • Catastrophe perils - such as windstorm, flood and earthquake shock
  • Reductions in deductibles - where the property deductible operates on a percentage of values basis, by removing the stock values
  • Policy enhancement - selling price on finished goods reducing the need for business interruption coverage within the property program
  • Average monthly inventory values - the marine market will rate on average inventory values exposed rather than maximum values
  • Limits - the marine market will offer per conveyance and/or location and potentially non-aggregated
  • Employee error
  • Locations - bottling plants, blending buildings, leakage from tank storage and barrel/cask houses and their component parts can be expressly considered as separate locations
  • Profit commission - insurers will reward vineyard owners for good loss record
  • Bespoke wording - to suit client’s specific needs
Download the Canadian Wine Stock Throughput Brochure to find out more here (PDF)

We are proud that many clients have chosen to appoint us as their broker of choice. To build these relationships we invest time getting to know you and your insurance needs. With a strong personal duty of care and an acute sense of accountability we will make ourselves available to you, always.  We are much more than just a service provider, we are an extension of your business.

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