Risk Control Services

JLT offers proactive risk control services that support ongoing and favourable insurance placements with the potential to yield year-over-year loss of claim reductions that impact a company’s bottom line.

What We Do
We help clients manage a wide range of risks including operational, tactical and strategic risks. By combining internal expertise with external strategic partnerships, JLT is able to provide clients with mitigation strategies. We also help clients identify and address all areas of business risk, benchmark performance against peers and provide best practice advice that helps develop and maintain a solid risk management culture.

Our Services
Our services include:

  • Fleet safety
  • iDrive Defensive Driving Course
  • Risk control surveys
  • Participate in client inspections or audits including fire protection system inspection testing and maintenance audits
  • Machinery breakdown risk assessments
  • Risk review for major projects (new and expansion)
  • Loss estimate analysis
  • Risk control education, presentations and seminars
  • Review and assist in fire protection system testing
  • Technical information resource
  • Premises and general liability surveys
  • Construction risk control
  • Fleet safety gap analysis

In collaboration with existing insurance and risk management resources, JLT Risk Control Services helps develop and implement appropriate mitigation plans based on regular input or key stakeholder requests, ensuring necessary contributions to a pro-active, responsive and cost-beneficial risk management program.

For more information, please contact Tony Van der Linden, Senior Vice President, Risk Control Services at ClientFirst@jltcanada.com