Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS)

Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS) has been providing tailored insurance solutions for event organizers, clubs and volunteer based community groups since 2008.

What We Do
Through our specialist insurance provider Local Community Insurance Service (LCIS), we provide a comprehensive range of insurance products for event organizers, not-for-profit clubs, community groups and organizations.

Our Services
Evidence of our commitment to Local Government, Not-For-Profit/Community Groups and Event Organizers is found in our range of Specific Risk and Insurance based products and services. Some of these include:

  • Facility User and Event Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Vendor Extension Endorsement
  • Abuse Endorsement
  • Not-For-Profit General Liability
  • Property and Crime Coverage
  • Director and Officers Liability
  • Volunteer Accident Coverage
  • Annual Low Risk Coverage (Third Party Renters)

We cover events such as: Halloween Haunted Houses(Fund Raiser), Weddings/Receptions/Stag & Doe, Bicycle Road Races, Fashion Shows, Job Fairs, Religious Assemblies, Tournaments, Conventions, Day Camps/Field Trips, Skateboarding Competitions, Booth/Kiosk/Concession Stand (No Deep Frying), Dance, Arts Show/Crafts, Demonstration/Walk A Thon, Festivals, etc.

Some examples of community groups that we would cover include, but are not limited to: Animal Shelter/Sanctuary, Educational Groups, Community Concert Band/Museums, Employment and Training, Family Assistance Groups, Heritage Groups, Religious Organizations, Chamber of Commerce, Community Planning Boards, Senior Citizens Clubs, Fundraising for Communities etc.

Why LCIS Canada?
When working with Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS), not for profit community groups and event organizers will receive an extensive range of benefits that include the following.

Our vast depth of insurance experience and working closely with the community groups has enabled us to deliver consistent products and prices over many years, with product and premium pricing has remained unchanged since 2008.

LCIS has developed an internet-based policy system that enables our clients to easily complete their insurance transactions from anywhere in Canada. Community groups that require specific underwriting considerations will be referred to a specialist team who will be able to provide them with specific insurance quotations.

Acceptance of Local Government Authorities
Recognizing the important role that Local Government play in supporting community groups and events, LCIS will ensure that insurance products offered meet the requirements of Councils and Local Government Liability Insurance programs.

Premium Structures
The premium structures offered through LCIS have been developed to reflect the generally low risk activities of the majority of not for profit community groups and events organized. Premiums are calculated by matching the risk profile and risk premium category for each group. Through this process the majority of groups are to obtain a competitive quotation and transact their insurance needs on-line.

For more information, please visit the LCIS website or contact Justin Moniz, Associate Account Executive, Public Sector at ClientFirst@jltcanada.com