JLT has considerable experience representing Not-For-Profit Organizations, who are quickly learning that they have to be concerned about the prudent management of risk.

What We Do
A casual reading of virtually any major city newspaper is all that is needed to prove that a cavalier attitude toward risk can have disastrous consequences – not just for businesses but for Not-for-Profit organizations too. That’s why many Not-for-Profit Organizations are taking a positive step to protect their members by seeking out JLT. We have more than 20 years’ experience in providing protection for churches and Not-for-Profit charitable organizations with a comprehensive elective package that suit their needs.

Our Services
Our offerings include:

  • Asset Valuation Appraisals
  • A Broad Named Insured to include The Entity, Employees (including Temporary Employees), Members, Volunteers, Students, Clergy, Board Members, Committee Members, Subsidiaries and much more
  • A Comprehensive Package Policy with a Customized Policy Wording
  • Competitive Premiums reflective of your location and limits of coverage
  • Robust Claims Service committed to helping you minimize the effects of your loss
  • Risk Management Brochures helping to identify and assess exposures
  • Risk Control Services — identifying target exposures and finding solutions to reduce or eliminate these exposures

At JLT Canada, transparency, communication, and collaboration is the key to our culture. We continue to invest heavily in promoting and enabling our culture to ensure that our continued growth and geographic spread does not come at the cost of failing to bring the best of JLT to our clients.

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