Energy & Power

The JLT Canada Energy & Power team’s success comes from putting our clients first, with an emphasis on service excellence. We apply a hands-on approach to gain a deeper understanding of our clients' businesses, allowing us to assess and prioritize risks to their organizations and create tailored solutions at competitive costs.

What We Do
Our team acts as a one stop shop for risk solutions, taking a holistic approach to risk management and providing a wide range of services to exploration and production companies of all sizes, energy service companies, oil sands, downstream and midstream energy companies, petrochemical mining producers, power generation (including renewables) and transmission. Our client profiles include international and offshore exposures with complex risk portfolios.

Our Services
Our services include:

  • Full risk assessment and analysis
  • Review and recommendations regarding contractual risk, indemnity and insurance provisions
  • Assisting our clients in internal risk discussions and data gathering
  • Consultation for proposed risk management strategy and design of insurance programs
  • Placement of all lines of insurance at the most comprehensive and competitive terms available
  • Loss Control
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk Retention Analysis
  • Captive Feasibility Assessment
  • Risk Transfer Product Design – from manuscript policy wordings to tailored new products for emerging/unique risk exposures
  • Assist clients in risk discussions with lenders and joint venture partners
  • Track and advise clients on regulatory updates with regards to risk and insurance
  • Certificate and Pink Card Issuance

JLT Canada’s team includes dedicated staff from diverse professional backgrounds. This enables our team to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of our clients’ business needs. As dedicated Energy specialists, we speak your language. We take a claims view at the onset and through the process of developing a corporate insurance program, adding value to our clients by ensuring broader up-front coverage and enabling us to expedite and maximize recovery in the event of a claim.

For more information, please contact Ron Schmid, Executive Vice President, at