Directors' and Officers'

JLT Canada, working in tandem with our global service team, helps protect the directors, officers and employees of companies against claims arising out of management activities.

What We Do
With the multi-jurisdictional nature of business today and the ever present threat of regulatory investigations into the conduct of a company or its management, D&O Insurance (Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance) is an essential protection. Although allegations made against a company’s management may be unfounded, the board would need to defend themselves against these allegations. The cost of defense can be substantial and while companies often back their management and advance defense costs, it isn’t always possible nor does it always occur (even where permitted). That’s when a D&O Insurance policy offers key personal protection for the directors and officers.

Our Services
Service we offer include:

  • Free Health Check service of your existing policy to address any issues found within wordings and the contract formation process
  • Crime insurance in the event your company is the victim of fraud or dishonesty by company employees and depending on policy form, third parties
  • Pension Trustee Liability insurance and advise on the exposures and issues involved, providing timely and appropriate guidance
  • Employment Practices Liability insurance to cover companies against claims or lawsuits filed by staff, former employees and employment candidates regarding their working relationship with an employer

JLT team members are experts in designing custom-made programs to meet specific needs while being committed to providing superior daily technical, brokering and service support through close-knit relationships with our clients and regular account reviews.

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