Cyber Risks

JLT Canada provides insurance solutions tailored to your specific cyber exposures and needs, access to a variety of specialist insurers, and broad policy wordings at a competitive price.

What We Do
With a rapidly evolving cyber landscape comes a wide range of cyber risks, including identity theft, breach of confidential information, negligent or malicious acts of employees, accidental damage and distribution of data, and more. To address these risks, our suite of cyber coverages includes a variety of risk transfer options for technology E&O, Media Liability, Security and Privacy Liability, fines and penalties, first party data breach response expenses, PCI, regulatory actions, cyber extortion, network interruption, system failure, digital asset loss and others. Our cyber insurance solutions are offered in a modular policy format, allowing different coverage to be tailored to specific elements of the risk.

Our Services 
Our direct access to international and domestic markets allows us to offer: 
  • A wide spectrum of coverage and competitive pricing for cyber risk
  • Underwriters that deploy a uniquely contemplative and collaborative underwriting methodology; especially beneficial for clients with challenging risk profiles
  • Availability of significant cyber capacity; up to USD $300 million via Lloyd's and up to USD $500 million inclusive of company markets
  • The capacity to find a sustainable solution for difficult cyber, media, and technology E&O risks
Additional benefits of the products we offer include: access to specialist third party services such as IT security/staff training (pre-breach), and forensics support, legal representation and public relations consultants (post-breach). These services can play an important role in containing a cyber incident in the shortest time possible, while also minimizing its impact in the long term.

Why Work with JLT Canada 
At JLT Canada, clients come first, We pride ourselves on understanding every aspect of your business. We understand the challenges you face, and just as importantly, we know how to overcome them.
  • Service Driven – At JLT Canada, clients come first. We have the exposure, analysis and claims knowledge to assess cyber risks and offer cutting-edge advice.
  • Market Insight and Diversification – Well positioned in markets both domestically and abroad, our book of business is spread across a variety of different insurers. This allows us to leverage our relationships and specialist knowledge, to help you navigate partnerships and offerings best suited to your needs, at a competitive premium.
  • Technical Excellence – Our specialists are skilled at crafting tailored terms and amendments to customize standard policy forms to meet your needs.
For more information on cyber risks and insurance, please contact Martin Delaney, Senior VP, Leader, Cyber and Risk Management Services at