JLT is recognized as a leader in Construction insurance, acting as consultant and broker to hundreds of General Contractors and Sub-trades across Canada.

What We Do
JLT brings together insurance and capital market solutions to ensure we create programs that respond to the risks our clients face. Our construction experts are responsible for arranging and managing insurance and risk management services for both project-specific and annual construction insurance programs.

Our Services
Our specialty focus has given us a unique voice in the market. This has been particularly true where there is a strong demand for our core specialty skills in areas such as construction – one of the fundamental building blocks of continued economic development. Our services include:

  • Course of Construction/Wrap-up Liability/Delayed Start-up/ Pollution Liability/Marine & Air Cargo
  • Construction Surety Bonding and Alternative Security
  • Workers Compensation/Credit Risks/Political Risks/Employee Benefits
  • International Project Support including U.S. and Worldwide
  • Risk Analysis Support/Contract Review
  • Captive and Finite Risk Solutions Support
  • P3 Project Specialists around the globe

Our global team of over 250 dedicated construction specialists have extensive experience in designing, placing and managing insurance programs for some of the world's largest and most complex construction projects in the energy, power and utilities, civil engineering, real estate and heavy industry sectors. This expertise has allowed us to place $140 billion USD of contract value into the global insurance market in the last two years, making us a leading construction broker with the leverage needed to negotiate the most competitive rates for our clients.

For more information, please contact Carole Bissett, Managing Director, Construction at