CMT Industry: Communications, Technology and Media Insurance Services

JLT Canada’s team of specialist Communication, Technology & Media (CTM) experts provide creative, industry-leading risk and insurance solutions tailored to the unique exposures faced by our clients in today’s evolving CTM sector.

What We Do
As a global practice, JLT is ideally placed to address risks posed across the CTM industries and their business models that includes industry convergence, increasing risk complexity and integration, the further transformation from tangible to intangible risks, as well as the continued distortion of geographic and “legal” boundaries. Our ongoing research program, along with input from industry experts, means we understand the key trends present within the CTM sectors. This enables us to track how the industry is evolving which, in turn, allows us to adapt and enhance the advice and services we provide.

Our Services
Our areas of expertise and global product offerings include:

  • Product design and development
  • Structured risk finance
  • Claims management
  • Risk landscape consulting

Our solutions within the communications, technology and media sectors are designed to explore the broader picture. With services ranging from risk awareness to product development, we also provide effective risk control and reporting. The better we understand and work closely with our clients, the more we can offer a more effective and complete solution.

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