JLT Canada Public Sector Summit 2017 Reveals Key Challenges Faced by Canadian Municipalities

09 November 2017

Toronto, November 9, 2017 –

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc. (‘JLT Canada’), recently hosted the inaugural Public Sector Summit 2017 in The Blue Mountains, Ontario. The event brought together municipal and industry leaders from across Canada to ‘Shift the Focus’ on the challenges and opportunities municipalities are addressing for the future, today.

The Summit delivered a number of engaging sessions led by some of Canada’s boldest and brightest speakers. Topics ranged from mental resiliency and positive psychology, to post-traumatic stress, cyber security, the impact of severe weather, infrastructure, leadership and the future of the Canadian economy.

“The inaugural Public Sector Summit was well-received and successful in bringing together critical thinkers and key decision makers,” said Chris Lapworth, Vice President and Manager, Marketing Communications at JLT Canada. “In each session, we challenged the delegates to think differently about current topics. We then surveyed the delegates to gauge how their thinking and perspectives changed from having attending the various sessions,” Lapworth added.

According to discussions held throughout the Summit, the following three areas are top of mind for the delegates and high on their risk agendas: 

  • Upgrading, maintaining and rethinking Canada’s infrastructure 
  • Environmental concerns such as natural disasters 
  • The rapid evolution of technology

The upkeep and conversion of existing infrastructure and the creation of new infrastructure is the biggest potential challenge that delegates believe municipalities will face in the period leading up to 2050. By 2028, the Federal Government is expected to invest $186 billion in existing and new infrastructure projects across Canada. Such projects include upgrading or replacing roads, bridges and water pipes, investing in ‘green’ and environmentally-conscious infrastructure, and digital infrastructure. Environmental issues and the ability to keep pace with emerging technological capabilities are the delegates’ second and third areas of concern when thinking about Canadian municipalities over the next 30 years.

Additional results include:

  • 52% of the delegates would like to see increased investments in cybersecurity capabilities.
  • 61% of the delegates believe tech innovation will have the greatest impact in determining Canada’s economic success.
  • 94% of the delegates feel that building and maintaining infrastructure will be the main challenge that municipalities will face over the next three decades.  
Visit JLT Canada’s website for a complete overview of the delegate perspectives from the Summit.

Overall, the JLT Canada Public Sector Summit challenged municipal leaders to question whether the current approach to municipal planning will take communities into the future, or if certain issues require a different and new form of thinking. By providing unique perspectives in each session, the delegates were encouraged to ‘Shift the Focus’ on topics addressed and were reminded how their decisions today, impact Canadian municipalities, 10, 20 and 30 years from now.

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Chris Lapworth
Vice President, Manager, Marketing and Communications

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