What Keeps Directors and Managers of Non-Profit Organizations up at Night?

05 April 2017

Non-Profit organizations like yours face numerous challenges in delivering services. Which challenges are most daunting? What creates the most stress? In addition to the challenge of funding and staff retention, many of you are now faced with executive recruitment, protection and confidentiality of data, and meeting the demand for more programs and services.

Here are a few points to consider: 


  1. Government support: With just a few exceptions, the Ontario Ministry of Health has not provided a base funding increase for home and community support services in 6 years. Organizations are relying more and more on fundraising and sponsorship to meet the cost of growing client demands. Moreover, non-profit organizations like yours are expected to keep administration costs to a minimum. Donors expect funds to go solely to the cause at hand, not the staffing or operations of your organization itself. Your broker will work with you to find the most suitable general liability coverage and claims support at affordable costs, so that your funding can go further. 
  2. Fundraising Efforts: Competition to raise funds is a massive issue. Not only do you compete against local non-profit organizations for donations from the same community of people, but you are also more reliant on those fundraised dollars. Contact your insurance broker to learn more about policies and coverage for all your fundraising event needs, like property coverage and general liability insurance. 
Recruitment and retention
  1. Executive Leadership: Is your organization recruiting the talent needed for your board? Top candidates will expect there to be a robust Directors and Officers policy in place. To assist you, your broker offers comprehensive and affordable Directors and Officers insurance (D&O), to ensure all executive staff and your organization are protected. 
  2. Volunteers and staff: Core employees and volunteers enable the operation of your non-profit organization. How do you retain staff when you have a small administration budget and small team, which often results in longer hours and less pay? In order to retain your staff and volunteers, your insurance broker recognizes that you must provide them with adequate protection. Ensure that your commercial liability and property insurance covers your volunteers. 
Protection and confidentiality of data (like member and board information, and financial data)
  1. Data organization: The organization of information and data storage is a significant challenge for many health service providers like yours. To protect your organization in the event of a breach of confidential information, your broker can provide cyber insurance coverage, in addition to traditional insurance, to ensure you have the right protection. 

For these reasons (and more), having the proper insurance coverage is central to your organization. JLT Canada and the OCSA have partnered to offer you the insurance coverage you need, at a lower premium because we understand that your funding is limited. Protecting your organization is vital and you never know when something might happen. Don’t take a gamble; get the right insurance policy. Get more sleep tonight.

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