Our People

The caliber of our staff is the driving mechanism behind the success of JLT Canada. We respect equality and individual identity. We attract and retain the best talent by valuing each employee’s deep expertise and recognizing all the efforts they put into their work.

At JLT Canada, we help colleagues work together in cohesive and focused teams, promoting collaboration and personal accountability. We provide a supportive working environment that helps employees to build knowledge, capability and skill, leading to opportunities for long-term, fulfilling careers. Our focus on collaboration empowers our employees to connect and share their strengths nationally and globally, pooling all of our experiences and developing each other’s expertise.

Our teams focus firmly on the success of our clients and value long-term relationships. They have the creative freedom and tenacity to go beyond the routine to deliver better results. We encourage employees to share their perspective, challenge convention and ignite innovation. We promote fair and consistent treatment and ensure that employees are promoted and developed on the basis of their ambition and potential.

To ensure that JLT Canada employees develop into successful leaders of the future, we regularly invest in specific national and global development programs. We also offer learning opportunities, in both technical and behavioural capabilities, to create an environment that breeds the expertise required to maintain our high performance organization.

Together, we deliver results.