Business Protocols

JLT is proud of the reputation we have for providing exemplary service to our clients. Our goal is to deliver quality services that match our clients’ specific needs. As part of our process of continual review and improvement of services to our clients, we have developed a “Business Protocols” booklet, a copy of which is can be downloaded here (PDF) (and below). We ask that you review this document carefully as it sets out the basis of and extent to which placing and claims services will be provided by us in connection with any cover(s) we arrange on your behalf unless we enter into a more specific agreement. The booklet also highlights certain important practices and procedures that apply when arranging cover and provides more general information on our services. Please circulate the Business Protocols booklet to any others in your organization who may be involved in transacting business with JLT Canada.

You will note that our Business Protocols booklet also contains information on our policy with regard to the privacy of personal information in accordance with legislated practices. As it may be necessary during the course of providing our services to you to gather, use and store personal information of identifiable individuals, we ask that you sign the attached “Personal Information Client Consent Form” and return it our office as soon as possible. We may not be able to proceed with some of our services without this signed consent form so we would appreciate your attention to this matter.

Download JLT Canada Business Protocols (PDF)

For Clients outside Canada, please contact your normal JLT Account Contact to receive local Business Protocols.