Board of Directors

Mark Drummond Brady, Executive Chairman
Mark has been with JLT since 1987, joining the GEC in 2006, and appointed Deputy Group CEO in 2014. He is a director of JLT’s US Specialty business, and in February 2017, assumed the roles of CEO JLT Latin America and Chairman of JLT Canada, in addition to his role as Deputy Group CEO.

David Richards, Chief Executive Officer
David joined JLT in 2013 as the specialty leader of Natural Resources in Canada. In January 2014, David was appointed Chief Executive Officer for Canada. David has more than 24 years' experience in the insurance and risk management industry and has held various senior management positions within the insurance broking sector. His client advocacy, management experience and deep knowledge of the Canadian insurance industry is ideally suited to leading JLT Canada, supported by a strong senior management team.

Kevin Shearer, Chief Financial Officer 
Kevin joined JLT Canada in 2014 as the Director of Finance. In June 2016, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer and joined the Board of Directors. Kevin has over 15 years of experience, having held top financial management positions in other insurance and professional services firms. Continuing to be based out of Toronto, Kevin will be ideal in continuing the improvement of core financial efficiencies across the business.

Ray Mattholie, Non-Executive Director 
Ray has been a Director of JLT Canada since 2008 and is Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee. His career covers over 40 years in risk management in Canada, the UK, and Asia, including as Group Risk Manager at BT plc and Jardine Matheson Limited. As a Non-Executive Director of the Board of the Company, his role focuses on Corporate Governance and strategic planning. In addition, his risk management experience can provide support on development intiatives, including client and new business opportunities across diverse industries.

George Daddario, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, JLT Re 
George has been Deputy Chief Executive Officer of JLT Re since May 2015 and also oversees business development. He started with JLT Re as Chief Operating Officer when JLT closed on the acquisition of Towers Watson Re in November 2013. His 35 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry will lend support to statutory and regulatory compliance and the implementation of human resources strategy. George also acts as Vice Chairman of the JLT Re North America Executive Committee.

Hans Van Heukelum, Non-Executive Director
Hans Van Heukelum joined JLT Specialty USA in June 2015. As COO, he leads commercial operations and the roll-out of JLT’s client service model, as well as being responsible for Carrier Relationship Management. As a Non-Executive Director for JLT Canada’s Board of Directors, his 11 years of experience within the insurance industry, previously from Aon, will ensure linkage between the US and Canadian businesses by providing an operational perspective, given the core similarities between the two businesses.